Reasons you should vote for DiminutiveGhosties for Matespritstag ball:

So hey!! People going to the makesprit/valentine’s ball, there is a super cool lady called Caroline that seriously deserves some votes!!

  • she is insanely smart and has like a 9.3 GPA or something crazy like that
  • she has a black belt!! I literally don’t know anyone else with a black belt!!
  • what a quality cosplayer, I mean goddamn:

like i’m pretty sure she fucking hand sewed most of her fancy dreamer Rose holy shit and look what a qt she is in every situation

  • not only did she get into a prestigious university, they sent her a handwritten postcard based on her amazing application
  • she’s an amazing friend and nice to everyone she meets
  • and she is a really talented actress who somehow manages to juggle cosplay, grades, and a bunch of extracurricular stuff??

i think this decision is clear

(ps we were supposed to post a video for this, but me and Laura are both really sick, but we couldn’t be more proud of how Caroline has grown in the past year and a half— not only as a cosplayer, but as an individual. it’s really been a pleasure knowing her! Kn0ck ‘em dead Car0line 0u0!)

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    Sobs grossly. I have the best parents ever oh my gosh. I love you guys
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    Cari is the Rose to my Mom Lalonde, and I think that everyone should vote for her because she’s perf. (◡‿◡✿)
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    This super sweetheart was handing out really cute homestuck-themed bracelets at the Katsucon draw party, and I was lucky...
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